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Start at US$ 20 per month

This advertisement option will keep your Link with up to 3 lines of text,
and graphic (recommended), in the top portion of the main page or of a single
Category, in
the Private Tutors board of our site, with the word Sponsor in red.

1- Sponsor Link at the top of the main page - Prices for one month for the following spots (when available):

Second spot: US$ 80

Third spot and under: US$ 60


2- Sponsor Link at the top of a single Category (i.e. under one tab like for example "Business English", "Test Preparation", "Online School Looking for Tutors", etc.  The price is US$20 per month with a minimum of 3 months (i.e. total of US$60). For longer periods, please contact us for discounts.


How to do it? On the Private Tutors board, just submit your post as you would submit a free post, by clicking on the POST FREE MESSAGE link (a friendly posting form will then open). Then, send us an email telling us that you submitted your post and what spot (above) you want; we will send you a PayPal email address where to make your payment and your submission will go online within 24 hours of receiving your payment.


Thanks and good luck!