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Volunteering Abroad

International Language Lab Center I.L.L (Morocco)
Geographical Area:Temara, Morocco <info@languagelabcenter.com>

Volunteer Teaching Program

OUR MISSION : Growth – Change – Experience

Founded in 2006, I.L.L offers customized internship, teach and volunteer programs for students and graduates in and outside of the USA. We are also a leader in international education. Each year we change lives of over 10,000 participants.

OUR EXPERTISE : Placement – Support – Diversity

We specialize in a variety of programs to answer every individual need, and we act on what we believe by providing high-quality placements and 24/7 personal assistance prior, during and after your experience.

If you enjoy working with children and want to get some valuable teaching experience under your belt, volunteer teaching abroad could be the ideal travel option for you. Reap the benefits of gaining valuable life experience, while absorbing a fascinating local culture and interacting with local children to help develop their future.

If you’re thinking about volunteering to teach English abroad and have no teaching experience, don’t worry!

As an English teacher in Morocco most volunteers will work alongside as an English teacher helping our learners such as pronunciation and general conversation.
However, the teacher often encourages you to take the lead role in the classroom, since their level of English is almost always lower than the volunteers’. Therefore, you will often find yourself leading the class, sometimes on your own.

Standing up in front of class for the first time can seem like a frightening experience, particularly as most of our volunteers have no previous teaching experience. To help prepare our volunteers we provide them with a teaching introduction, teaching handbook and materials as part of our induction weekend. We also try to make sure that inexperienced volunteers are eased in gradually, that they are not left to teach on there own at the start of there placement and allow them to work in pairs if they wish.

For several years volunteers with no teaching experience have successfully taught with us and we find that volunteers quickly become confident as teachers. So if you have ever considered teaching as a career this is an excellent opportunity to practice your teaching skills. As a volunteer with Travel to Teach, all it takes is a little bit of initiative, creativity and desire to make a difference in the world, be with us in our International English Center.

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