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Texas ISD School Guide

Technology for ESL

Interactive Whiteboard Activities
By:Amanda Wehner

Interactive whiteboards have become more prevalent in classrooms across North America. These whiteboards offer an alternative method of teaching by physically engaging students. The touch sensitive screen on interactive whiteboards provides teachers with a learning tool that can bring an entire class together. According to Smart Technologies, the founding company of interactive whiteboards, this innovative tool provides an engaging means to teach all subjects within the classroom.

Literacy Activities
Teachers can use online literacy activities and games that have been pre-made and specially designed for interactive whiteboard lessons. However, if a teacher is interested in creating their own activities they could try using "Microsoft Word" and "Paint". Using them on the whiteboard, students will become familiar with these common computer programs and are able to show creativity in their work. Some literacy activities the teacher can create with the students are:

1. Cloze activities (fill in the blanks).
2. Highlighting ("Paint" highlight pen).
3. Handwriting ("Paint" with writing pen).
4. Creative writing as a class.
5. Brainstorming.
6. Matching.

Numeracy Activities
There are a plethora of online numeracy activities that could be used on the interactive whiteboard. Numeracy skills can be enhanced by having a visual aid to show students the process of different mathematical questions. A program, like "Mathletics", could be used in the class and provides a way to engage students visually with the material. This type of program provides an interactive method of teaching mathematics individually and as a whole class. The "Excel" program could also be used in upper grades as a way to show statistical analysis and graphing.

Informative Activities
It is important for elementary students to be aware of the countries and land masses in the world. Interactive maps and matching activities can be used to engage students physically with this information. Teachers can use an interactive whiteboard to show students how to use computer programs, create avatars, and discuss world issues. The teacher will choose a topic that suits their unit of study, and will easily find techniques in delivering a lesson on the interactive whiteboard. The visual aspect of the whiteboard allows students to see firsthand the teacher's instructions, which can complement course book material. Video clips can be shown that are relevant to a unit, and the interactive whiteboard allows students to pause, and circle or highlight areas of interest in the video.

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