English Learning Tips For Students
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Janos Gal

Learning English is very important if you live in an English-speaking country as a foreigner. You will need to learn to speak English well if you want to get a good job or to advance your career. Using the Internet to learn English is great, as there are a lot of different ways offered that will help you improve your language skills, most of which do not cost anything.

Check out a video sharing website such as Youtube or Vimeo. These sites contain many videos with subtitles that you can watch to learn English online. Listen to the person talking on the video and read the text simultaneously. If you are unsure of the meaning of a word use your dictionary to translate it.

Listen to online radio stations that play popular English songs. Download the lyrics of the songs from the Internet and sing along to what you hear on the radio. This will help you practice your pronunciation and widen your vocabulary.

Register with a chat service that you can use to connect literally to millions of people who speak English fluently. By chatting to English-speaking people online, you will be able to practice English.

Translate text from your language to English using a dictionary. Visit an online translator service and type into the translator the same text in your own language. The program will translate the text for you into English, which you can compare to your version of the translation to see how well you did.

Visit websites that offer free English tutorials. Free tutorials will explain English terms and grammar. You can also practice English by writing sample essays and practice tests online.

Do at least one hour of online English learning daily to improve your language skills.

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