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Re: teaching esl to asian children (unmotivated students) -- zombie5
Very good point. Works well in some demanding situations.

Re: Running an English Corner -- zombie5
The history of, and love it or loath it parts need serious updating or correction. Speaking as someone who lived in Tianjin and Chengdu in 2016-17.

Being an excellent teacher is never easy. Mistakes are committed from time to time as you try to figure out what teaching style and class management technique works best for you. This is ...

Re: teaching without textbook or curriculum or degree, please help me! -- Dubius Maximus
Some of us have been think researching for years on how to do this. I have collected and created a number of activities and games.

Re: teaching without textbook or curriculum or degree, please help me! -- mary
To make your life easier, get a course book and use it as the curricullum. In addition to the course book, you can teach the man anything you notice that needs fixing for his level. (SA) Working with ...

Re: Hard to handle Classes -- mary
6 and 7 year olds are my favorite to teach. The are loud and there to challenge you. 1. You need a ROUTINE. Kids want to know what to expect EVERY class. Have the class the lesson plan, just add new ...

Re: Games and activities for 11-12 year olds who can`t read or write English -- mary
1. Teach them to read. You have many very easy online phonic curricullums. Use them every class and start teaching them how to read. 2. Ask them about their interests, but most shy kids will give you ...

How to teach GERUND (PPP Model) -- Mary
I want to write up a lesson plan in PPP model but am not sure how to. I am drawing blank when it comes to the gerund. I would need a good warmer idea to set the theme for the lesson. then I would ...
Re: How to teach GERUND (PPP Model) -- Yanni Zack
Mary, Here is a link from Azar on Grammar on the use of the Gerund: www.azargrammar.com/assets/fwg/FWGChapter12.pdf This should help you in developing your power point.

Re: ESL student newspaper -- Yanni Zack
Casey, Congratulations on wanting the students to develop an ESL Newspaper. Here is my suggestion: Determine what the interests are for your ESL Students regarding the different roles in the ...

Re: Online tutorial questions -- Yanni Zack
Since we are now moving into the technology world for Online Teaching, I am finding that using Skype is a great way to conduct ESL Teaching as this uses both the Phone and chat at the same time.

Taking minutes & writing reports -- Sondes
Hey fellow teachers, I have upper advanced classes and I would like to teach them how to take minutes in a meeting and write a report out of those minutes. Are there any lesson plans that have videos ...

Re: Running an English Corner -- Silverboy
I would like to warn everyone on here that any "advice" or "suggestions" from Martin Wolff should be ignored. This person is a [edited], a [edited], he has been outed on here and other websites ...

Re: Running an English Corner -- Turnoi, the Only One and Real Turnoi
Martin Wolff's "advice" on English corners should be taken with a heavy pinch of salt. It's just an opportunity to promote his business .- teaching English with movies alone, which I think is ...

Re: General note on this forum -- Yanni+Zack
Dear Turnoi, Thank you for the kind words posted about me on the forum. Also, I want to personally thank you for keeping the discussion area alive, and for the great information you provided to the ...

Re: tips on teaching english -- Yanni Zack
Violy, In my experience with working with 9 year old ESL students, I have found that when you allow them to chose what they want to read and learn, i.e. make learning fun, they will learn faster and ...

Re: a few things regarding 2 classes -- Yanni Zack
Kate, My suggestion is to first look through this book- there are a lot of great ideas, tips, and resources that teachers in the ESL Field from all levels have posted to share with other teachers. I ...

Re: First time teaching English -- Yanni Zack
Jeff, I would suggest that on the first day of class with your new students in Korea, and depending on their ages, you conduct a mini-assessment of where each person is in their English language ...

Please feel free to ask me questions regarding ESL Teaching issues/Concerns you have -- Yanni Zack
Hello everyone!! After being away from the forum for some time due to my hectic work schedule, I am now able to assist you with your questions/concerns on being an effective TESOL/TEFL teacher in ...

How to be a creative teacher? -- Nada Pal
Hello Ian Nada and Im studying English and I will be teacher I just want to know how can I be an creative teacher thank you
What does it mean to be a "creative teacher"? -- Turnoi
First of all, be clear of what being a creative teacher entails: 1. Be creative in your lesson planning. 2. Be creative in preparing your activities for class. 3. Be creative in implementing in class ...
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