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Good Teacher
By:Clement <clemi@rediffmail.com>

The teacher every student loves…

There are many qualities that make a good teacher.

Do I make classes interesting so that atleast 90% of my students pay attention to my teaching?

Whatever may be the subject you teach, it is important how you present it to your students. A good teacher knows which topic needs more attention and which one doesn’t. A good teacher knows where to pause and where to increase the pace. A good teacher always knows what the students need to know.

Do I love the job?

We produce best results when we love what we do. If you don’t love teaching, you can never be a good teacher. Either you adapt yourself or quit. Why should I make my life and my students’ a hell?

Do I hide my personality from my students?

Don’t be ashamed of your personality. Not all teachers are the same. You need not hide any of your qualities – good ones. If you are yourself, you can reach out to your students easily. If you try to imitate someone you admire, you will not be able to impress.

Do I talk about general things in classes, besides my own subject?

Sticking to your subject alone cannot produce good results. Update yourself by reading newspapers and magazines. Remember interesting incidents and stories and share them in classes.

Do I enjoy jokes?

If yes, you will enjoy teaching young people. Students love jokes. They love teasing you too. A teacher must be able to enjoy jokes and share some.

Am I short-tempered?

Welcome to hell to those who are short- tempered. Practise controlling your anger. Find ways to express your anger in positive ways. Don’t think yelling will make things right.

Do I offend people when correcting?

Students will remember you all their lives not because you taught them but you offended them. Take control of your words. Be firm but cautious. One wrong word can cost you dearly.

Do I try to impress students all the time?

If yes, you are wrong. You cannot say ‘yes’ at all occasions. Be firm in classroom ethics. Diluting classroom rules can never be accepted.

You don’t need gifts from any students. Respect is best gift a student can ever give you.

A good teacher is someone who makes me realize what I am and teaches what I need to know.

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