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ESL Jobs in China


Chinese Schools and Recruitment Agencies: You are welcome to post your job offers!
It is free, but each post has to be approved by our Moderators.
Just follow these instructions:

Please only post INDIVIDUAL job offers, each one containing:

  • Location of the school
  • Salary (or a reasonable salary range)
  • Start date
  • Level of the students
  • Work schedule
  • Apartment, other benefits

Schools: Please choose 'School' from the selection below. But if you use an email address that appears on your web site, you can choose *Verified School Email*: This tag tells the teachers that they are dealing directly with a school, and increases the visibility of your job offer. In addition, you are invited to add a description of your school (not a job offer) to our popular Directory of Schools in China.

Recruitment Agencies: If you are new to this board, please contact us. Please always use your name and the same email address when you post. Each recruiting company can post a maximum of 1 post per day. But you can write as many job offers as you want on each post. In this case please add the cities of all your job offers to the box below called "City where the school is located" (it makes it easier for the teachers to scroll down the list of posts looking for specific cities). Please choose 'Agency' from the selection below. But if you submit your company's profile and it is approved by our Editor, you can then chose *Profiled Agency*, a tag that increases the visibility of your job offers, and submit up to 5 posts per day. However please contact us before submitting your profile.

Thank you and all the best in finding the right candidates.
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